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Knives, swords, and bayonets are the world’s longest serving arms and some of the most important in history. Originally a simple stone tool, once metals such as iron and bronze became regularly worked, edged weapons appear in the archaeological record. In "A History of Edged Weapon Warfare", Martina Sprague discusses in detail the long history of these arms, from primitively produced knives and machetes to the exquisite metalwork of Japanese swords. Throughout the author discusses how these weapons were wielded and their strengths and weaknesses. The book covers all regions of the world and all time periods, from the swords of ancient Egypt and medieval Islamic states to the knives of Africa and today’s special forces. The author demonstrates that the ability to instill fear in an opponent is one of the more important features of edged weapons in all cultures and historical eras. The physical design and production of the weapon and the training in its use are important as well and vary from country and period. In the hands of skilled warriors, whether Twentieth Century Ghurkas or Second Century BC Roman legionnaires, knives and swords have often proved decisive in close combat.

  • AUTHOR: Sprague, M
  • FORMAT: 525pp 80 Bw 234x152 Hb
  • Code: 20093

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