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MEN OF 18 IN 1918


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Men of 18 in 1918 is the personal experience of a young British infantryman during a remarkable year of European history, the year 1918. The outcome of the First World War and the future shape of Europe depended on the eighteen-year-old youngsters who were suddenly rushed into battle following the German Army breakthrough in the spring of that year. They were inexperienced, and had not finished their training. They matured quickly on the battlefield in France. From March to July they stubbornly defended precarious positions. In August they were Britain’s prime assault troops in a 95 day non-stop attack culminating in the end of the four year war in November 1918. Marshal Foch, who had been appointed Commander-in-Chief of all the Allied Forces in France in March 1918, said, "Never, at any time in history has the British Army achieved greater results in attack than in this unbroken offensive."

Men of 18 in 1918 is not another war book. It is not a military history for the specialist. It is a book for the general public who want to follow the down-to-earth experiences of the ordinary soldier, plucked from teenage life in Britain and thrust into the front line of an international conflict. It is an objective and perceptive account of the daily life of the infantrymen who faced death, and endured the harsh realities of a battle in which they were the essential pawns. The detail is remarkable, full of human interest, irony, understatement and humour. The emotional honesty is impressive and moving. Although true it reads like grotesque fiction. It could only have been written by one who went through it and survived.


"This book tells you far more about what it was really like to be a young soldier in the First World War than any fusty old history tome. A must for anyone interested in the First World War." - Manchester Evening News

"Frederick Hodges has created a history book which will make the hair rise on the back of your neck." - Chronicle and Echo

  • AUTHOR: Hodges, F
  • FORMAT: 235pp 210x135 Pb
  • Code: 26819

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