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The sinking of the German battleship Bismarck—a masterpiece of
engineering, well-armoured with a main artillery of eight 15-inch guns—was one
of the most dramatic events of World War II. She left the port of Gotenhafen for
her first operation on the night of 18th May 1941, yet was almost immediately
discovered by Norwegian resistance and Allied air reconnaissance. British
battlecruiser Hood was quickly dispatched from Scapa Flow to intercept the
Bismarck, together with new battleship Prince of Wales. They were ordered to
find the ship quickly because, on their way from the USA, several large convoys
were heading for Britain. On 24th May, Bismarck was found off the coast of
Greenland, but the ensuing battle was disastrous for the British. The Hood was
totally destroyed within minutes (only 3 crewmen surviving), and Prince of Wales
was badly damaged. The chase resumed until the German behemoth was finally
caught, this time by four British capital ships supported by torpedo-bombers
from the carrier Ark Royal. The icy North Atlantic roiled from the crash of
shellfire and bursting explosions until finally the Bismarck collapsed, sending
nearly 2,000 German sailors to a watery grave. Zetterling and Tamelander’s work
rests on stories from survivors and the latest historical discoveries. The book
starts with a thorough account of maritime developments from 1871 up to the era
of the giant battleship, and ends with a vivid account, hour by hour, of the
dramatic and fateful hunt for the mighty Bismarck, Nazi-Germany’s last hope to
pose a powerful surface threat to Allied convoys.
  • AUTHOR: Zetterling/Tamelander
  • FORMAT: 320pp 20 Bw 229x152 Hb
  • Code: 26297

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