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"An excellent and ground-breaking can sense the author’s enthusiasm and excitement in setting the record of the most original, interesting and informative books to have appeared recently."

- Prof Eric Grove, Navy News May 2009

"Much of the information here has never been published...(this book) will take its rightful place in naval and military history."

- The Globe & Laurel March 2009

"Astounding tales of bravery, ingenuity and sheer pluck. The wartime canoeists were nothing short of James Bonds with paddles and Sten guns." - William H. Longyard, author of A Speck on the Sea and noted kayaker


When a small group of ten men in five canoes was dropped off by submarine 105 land miles from the inland port of Bordeaux in December 1942, little did they know that they and the canoes they used would become legend in British Military history. After five nights of paddling to get to Bordeaux, the men laid limpit mines on a series of German ships, sinking one and seriously damaging others. These men became the Cockleshell heroes, named after the ‘Cockle’ canoes they sailed in.

But the story of the Cockleshells is more than that of these ten men, all but two of whom died in what was deemed an impossible mission. Over 4,000 canoes were made and the contribution they made to the war was immense, but has remained untold until now.

In this work, Quentin Rees, lucky owner of two of the Cockles, tells the story of the development and use of these ‘Most Secret’ weapons of war, the military canoe, from Combined Operations to SOE.

  • AUTHOR: Rees, Q
  • FORMAT: 320pp 160 Bw 248x172 Pb
  • Code: 11182

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