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Desert Battles is a study of the nature of desert warfare with special
attention to the evolution of weaponry, the organisation of forces, the impact
of the desert environment on the ability of those forces to sustain battle, and
the influences of the desert on battle tactics. After an examination of deserts
as a physical context for battle, Watson focuses on seven campaigns: Napoleon's
expedition to Egypt in 1798-1799; the British campaign along India's north-west
frontier from 1849 to 1852; the Iraq campaign during World War I; the British
counter-attack against the Italians in North Africa in 1940-41; the exploits of
Erwin Rommel and his Afrika Korps in North Africa in 1941; the 1973 Yom Kippur
War; and the 1991 Gulf War. Erwin Rommel: Birth of a Desert Legend; Deserts: The
Physical Context of Battle; Bonaparte in Egypt, 1798 to 1799; The Northwest
Frontier of India, 1850 to 1852; The British Campaign in Mesopotamia, 1916 to
1918; Battle in the Western Desert, 1940 to 1941; The Arab-Israeli War, 1973;
The Gulf War, 1991; Desert Battle: Trends and Perspectives.
  • AUTHOR: Watson, B
  • FORMAT: 214pp 16 Bw 11 maps 230x150 Pb
  • Code: 10846

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