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This photograph album presents the history of the division through a brief
text, hundreds of photographs, several maps and numerous custom colour
illustrations. This book offers the first account in English of this
battle-proven division, which was formed shortly before the outbreak of the war.
It fought in Poland, France and in the opening stages of the campaign in Russia.
In mid-1942, it was pulled out of the line, reconstituted and reorganised in
France and then sent to North Africa as part of Hitler’s desperate attempt to
save the situation there. Although the division spent only six months in the
desert, it fought both the British and the Americans. It gave the 'green'
American Army a bloody nose in some of its first encounters with the Germans,
including the legendary fighting at Kasserine Pass, before it had to bow to
defeat and capitulation at Tunis in May 1943. Although the division had a proud
and successful history, it was never reconstituted. Authors J Restayn and N
Moller have brought this division to life with photographs that chronicle the
division from its formation to its demise. Hundreds of unpublished photographs
from veterans of the division are coupled with breathtaking combat photography
from French and German archives. In addition to the pictorial coverage, the
reader is treated to a concise account of the division’s history, maps of all of
its major campaigns, numerous tables of tank inventories and order of battle
along with 34 pages of full-colour illustrations, including two pages of colour
photographs. J Restayn has superbly illustrated virtually all of the combat
vehicles and artillery pieces of the division, as well as most of the armoured
personnel carriers, armoured cars and soft-skinned vehicles it used throughout
its 44-month history. In addition, there are numerous renderings of some of the
armoured vehicles the division encountered during its campaigns.
  • AUTHOR: Restayn/Moller
  • FORMAT: 350pp 100s col/Bw Hb
  • Code: 26373

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