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In a continuation of the tactics mini-series, this book analyzes the physical tactics of the close-quarter fighting that took place in ruined cities during World War II. Street-to-street fighting in cities was not a new development, but the bombed-out shells of cities and advances in weaponry meant that World War II took such strategies to a new level of savagery and violence. Packed with eye-witness accounts, tutorials from original training manuals, maps, and full-colour artwork, this is an eye-opening insight into the tactics and experiences of infantry fighting their way through ruined cities in the face of heavy casualty rates and vicious resistance.
Contents: Blitzkrieg in urban areas * Pre-war doctrine: German – British; 1940: anticipating invasion; American responses·THE EASTERN FRONT, 1941–44: The opening rush; Stalingrad: the academy of street fighting; Warsaw: improvisation and terror; Lessons from Warsaw: the German analysis·THE ITALIAN EXPERIENCE: The Canadians in Ortona; British analysis: Fighting in Built Up Areas (1943); Cassino; Air support: Training Manual No.5·THE US ARMY IN NW EUROPE: Doctrine: FM 31-50; The urban environment – squad organisation – house-to-house fighting – tank
* infantry co-operation – raiding; Practical experience: 23rd Infantry at Brest – 26th Infantry at Aachen – 410th Infantry at Schillersdorf·GERMANY, 1945: German forces; Allied forces – flame throwers
Colour paltes by Peter Dennis.
  • AUTHOR: Bull, S
  • FORMAT: 64pp 60 Bw 8 col 248x184 Pb
  • Code: 24225

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