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After disastrous defeats at the hands of the Mongols in the 13th Century,
the Russian principalities became vassals of the Khans of the Golden Horde for
more then 200 years; and at the same time the western princes faced the German
crusaders of the Teutonic Order. Remarkably, Russia responded with a new surge
of military vigour. Eventually, freedom from the 'Mongol yoke' coincided with a
degree of unity around a powerful new state - Muscovy. This exciting chapter of
history is illustrated with rare early paintings, photographs, diagrams, and
eight plates reconstructing the mixed influences of East and West in the
appearance of Russian warriors. Contents: Russia under the Mongols (mid-13th to
14th Centuries) * Mongol influence of later Russian armies *
Cavalry * Infantry * Fortification * River warfare * The
Republic of Novgorod (14th-15th Centuries) * The Rise of Lithuania
(14th-15th Centuries) * The Rise of Muscovy (late 14th-15th
Centuries) * Cavalry * Infantry * The guns of Muscovy * Colour
plates by Angus McBride.
  • AUTHOR: Shpakovsky/Nicolle
  • FORMAT: 48pp 40 Bw 8 col 248x184 Pb
  • Code: 14556

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