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A rare English account of an important but often forgotten colonial conflict: the Rif War in Morocco in the 1920s in which Spain and France fought a long and bruising rebellion by Berber rebels under their charismatic leader Abdel Krim, whose tactics had a great influence over other anti-colonial guerrilla leaders.

This is a rare English account of an important but largely forgotten 20th Century colonial conflict: the Rif War in which Spain, and to a lesser extent France, battled a persistent rebellion in their Moroccan colonies in the 1920s by Berber tribesmen under their charismatic leader Abdel Krim. Centred on the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco, the rebellion featured ground breaking guerrilla warfare in which the Rif rebels turned captured weapons on their colonial masters. As author Walter Harris observes, the war was a cruel conflict, featuring atrocities on both sides, and it prefigured many anti-colonial conflicts of the post World War Two period. The war also brought to prominence Francisco Franco, the future dictator of Spain, who became Spain's youngest General during the fighting. Krim himself after surrendering was forcibly exiled by France and never returned to his homeland before his death in 1963. However, his rebellion influenced other 20th Century guerrilla leaders including Giap, Guevara and Castro.

Reprint of the original publication of 1927

  • AUTHOR: Harris, W
  • FORMAT: 338pp Pb
  • Code: 16055

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