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Barbarossa Books is not only a Military History book dealer with an incredible 13,000 titles on our website: we also publish specialist works on ground, air and sea warfare. All our publications are produced to a high standard and to great acclaim in book reviews and from satisfied customers around the world. Check out the Barbarossa Publications link in the Main Categories listing to the left of this page for further details on the many books we have published to date. There are many more exciting titles at various stages of production, and as details are firmed up, they will be featured on the Home Page.

  • Most of our publications are kept constantly in print, so you earn royalties for the lifetime of the book!
  • We offer authors a royalty of 10 per cent on the Selling Price. For example, if a book retails at £10.00, the author gets £1.00
  • A detailed draft Author Contract is available on request. Please contact Russell Hadler by e-mail or telephone in the first instance, stating the book title and a brief synopsis of the contents.
  • Quick turnaround on most projects - no waiting for years to see your treasured project in print!

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